Get Hands-on Using Platform Events from Batch Apex Classes

Requirement : Modify an existing batch Apex job to raise BatchApexErrorEvents

Take an existing batch Apex job class and update it to implement the Database.RaisesPlatformEvents interface. Then, add a trigger on BatchApexErrorEvent that logs exceptions in the batch job to a custom object.

  • Update the BatchLeadConvert class to implement the Database.RaisesPlatformEvents marker interface.
  • Create an Apex trigger called BatchApexErrorTrigger on the BatchApexErrorEvent SObject type. For each event record, capture the following fields and save them to the corresponding fields in a new BatchLeadConvertErrors__c record.
    • AsyncApexJobId: AsyncApexJobId__c
    • JobScope: Records__c
    • StackTrace: StackTrace__c
  • To make the trigger bulk safe, use a single DML statement to insert a list of new records at the end.


8 Thoughts to “Get Hands-on Using Platform Events from Batch Apex Classes”

  1. xSo


    What is the BatchLeadConvert test class please? :/


    1. Please follow the trail and Install Appexchsnge package, then make these changes.
      The appexchange package contains the test classes.

      1. xSo

        It’s working. Thank you so much for your job ! Have a good day

        1. Enzo

          How did you resolve the test class? I installed the package, updated the Apex Class but I still have issues with my test.

          1. What error you’re getting?

  2. Deepak Konjety

    I am getting the error :
    When executed, the BatchLeadConvertTest test class has test failures. All tests should pass.

    1. Can you share the Error/Screenshot on RUN TEST for BatchLeadConvertTest Class in Dev Console.

    2. Make sure you have added BatchApexErrorTrigger class.

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