Spring ’20 Pre-Release Treasures

The Pre-Release Sign Up is LIVE and you know that means you can explore and hunt new features/improvements.

The #Spring20Treasure Hunt is ON! #BeReleaseReady

Sign up for a Spring ‘20 Pre-Release Org: https://www.salesforce.com/form/signup/prerelease-spring20/

Following are the gems/features/improvements I have found so far,

  • Task Assignment on Queues
  • New flow types
  • Run Flow as User or System!
  • Before triggers for flows
  • Flow Will obey Record Level Access in system mode
  • Run Flow from record created or updated, no longer having to call Flow from Process Builder!
  • Close tasks with one click
  • Permission set groups
  • Opportunity Contact Roles, Badges & Group support on Process Builder
  • Lightning Extension Settings – Select which features users have access to
  • Channel Menu – Under Embedded service
  • Bulk macros in Lightning
  • Advanced editor button on the Analytics widgets
  • New action to Clone Objects with Related records
  • Trailblazer.me login will allow you to access multiple Salesforce sites
  • Salesforce Data Mask for Sandboxes
  • Email deliverability changes will be tracked in the setup audit trail 
  • New button Empty Org Recycle Bin in Lightning

Find your gems and share it with world !

For more gems, stay tuned at current page or Salesforce Community:

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