ADDEVENT.COM – Add to Calendar Button for Flow Screen – Lightning Component [AURA]

Using this AURA Component, you can use ADD TO CALENDAR button in your Screen Flows specially when you’re creating an event and you need your users to add it to other Calendars.

Scenario: There can be multiple scenarios, but let’s consider one.

You’re using a flow screen for guest user and you’re using the flow to register for an event.

Step1 , Make sure you add CSP Trusted Site for Domain “*”

Step 2, Use the following code and create a new AURA Component

Now you can see a new Component available in your flow screen component list.

You’ll have the following options as shown in the below screen, and you can use formula fields to provide formatted values,

Note: service is not free.

2 Thoughts to “ADDEVENT.COM – Add to Calendar Button for Flow Screen – Lightning Component [AURA]”

  1. Steph

    Hi Amza,
    Thanks for that, great!
    Do you have the implementation of in LWC?
    ps: I have seen your own custom free implementation but I have a licence of but it doesn’t work: no error but nothing happened on click.
    Thanks for your help

    1. Hi Step,

      Can you share the screenshot of the error you’re facing? I’ve shared the AURA component code as well so you can implement it yourself and debug it further.
      Not promising, but I’ll try re-implementing it in LWC.

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