Spring’21 Pre-Release- Treasure Hunt / Release Notes

The Pre-Release Sign Up is LIVE…and you know what that means

The #Spring21  Treasure Hunt is ON! #BeReleaseReady

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Post your treasure here: http://bit.ly/Spring21Treasure

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Anyone who posts about the treasure they discover will be awarded a special Treasure Hunter badge! Don’t forget to use the hashtag!


So far, I’ve found the following new features/enhancements from Spring’’21 Pre-release org.

  • New Guidance Center
  • Localization Support – Lightning App Builder
  • Prior value of the record in the Record-Triggered Flows
  • Use formulas in entry criteria in before-save Flows
  • Time-Dependent action in the Record-Triggered Flow
  • Multi-Column Screens in Flow Builder (Beta)
  • Rich Text Body – Send Email Flow Action

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