Getting Started with Salesforce

Hi Newbie and Welcome to Salesforce Ecosystem,

I understand you’re not who is an IT person or you’re an IT guru who works on other platform or languages like PHP, Ruby, Reach or Nodejs (and etc.).

The beauty of Salesforce platform is that it’s not only for who knows coding but for everyone so don’t worry about it. I personally know many who started Salesforce having background of BBA and end up being an awesome Consultants and even Developers.

How to Get Started

My first tip for you is to spend enough time on
Choose your career path ( and from there you’ll get all the knowledge you’d need to get started.
Then try reaching out to the community and look for any opportunity either a job or internship – work on LIVE projects
You can always go for the SUPER BADGES ( to get a proper hands-on with some challenge.

What else I can do to speed up my Learning?

There are many things you can do to speed up your learning,

  • Trailblazer Community (
    • You should visit the Salesforce Community where people do ask questions and other answers them. Mostly they’re really helpful as many people share their experiences, business cases and need the solution and experience members answers them with their knowledge. This is the BEST speedy way to enhance your learning in Salesforce Platform.
  • Salesforce StackExchange (
    • Salesforce stackoverflow community is usually for developers/architects where they share their current implementations and discuss the issues, workarounds and limitations.
  • Github Repos (
    • This is also usually for developers/architects where trailblazers post their solutions and workarounds for Salesforce platform. You need to be curious enough to try out their solutions and contribute by enhancing the feature of fixing the bug.
  • Trailblazer Community Group Events (
    • Group Events is another Great way to learn more by joining the training/learning session by the other trailblazers around the world. You can search of nearby in-person or virtual event anywhere and get benefit out of it.
  • Community Conferences (
    • This is another GREAT way to enhance your learning by joining the community conference events and to meet the other trailblazers around you. Many from the #ohana community join these events as a speaker, volunteer and attendees to share their knowledge and do networking.

Salesforce in Pakistan

There are 500+ people I know living in Pakistan working on Salesforce platform. We do have the WhatsApp group but unfortunately its full now due to the WhatsApp limit. I am trying to migrate all of them to Slack, you can also join us there:

Keep your eyes on Pakistan Dreamin’ ( [An annual community conference event held by Pakistani Salesforce Community for everyone].

I wish you Good Luck and feel free to reach out for any query/suggestion or feedback.

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