Meet a 17-year-old Trailblazer from Karachi, Pakistan

Hi Everyone, I want all of you to meet ISMAIL SIDDIQUI as I was impressed to meet this 17-year-old Trailblazer working as Salesforce Admin at WORKFLOWHUB at the recent Community meetup in Karachi.

He is in High School at Islamia College, Karachi having a Trailhead Ranger badge with 8 Superbadges on Trailhead.

At an age where people pursue social media and unhealthy habits, I chose to learn technical skills and implement my learnings for a better cause. 

My name is Ismail, and I am a 17-year-old individual from Karachi. I learned about Salesforce at the beginning of this year, researched it, and got so inspired by how Salesforce revolutionizes businesses, its power, and the functionalities it offers that Salesforce became my passion.

I gave my 1st-year college exams and then devoted full-time attention to learning more about the amazing CRM. I climbed ranger rank with one month of effort, gave my first interview, and Alhamdulillah made it on my first try.

Ismail Siddiqui

His Message

Life is a process of continuous learning. We all get opportunities we sometimes miss, maybe because of a lack of awareness or interest. I would suggest all of us to stay proactive and vigilant and be open to help without expecting any favors in return. Work hard and give your best!

His Goal

My goal is to be an inspiration to all the community members. I want to do something for the awesome salesforce community in Pakistan and make our workforce the best in the world.

Waste your time or grow in your career. The choice is yours.

Ismail Siddiqui, A Trailblazer

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