Winter’21 Pre-Release- Treasure Hunt / Release Notes

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Salesforce Winter ’21 Release Notes:


So far, I’ve found the following new features/enhancements from Winter’21 Pre-release org.

Lightning Page Builder:

  • Localization Support – Use custom labels.
  • Dynamic Forms
  • Analyze Page option (Improve Speed & Performance)
  • Tablet Portrait / Landscape options


  • Flows Can Handle Deletions
  • Debug Flow as Specific User
  • Auto Layout
  • Multi-column screen flow
  • Trigger Flows on Record Conditions
  • Entry Criteria for Record triggered flows to improve performance
  • Control When you want to Run a Flow ” Every time” or “Only when meeting the conditions”.
  • Enable user impersonation during debug runs

Object Manager:

  • Access Deleted Fields in Lightning Experience.


  • Embedded service pages with new vertical tabs component
  • Optimizer Can be Scheduled
  • Easily Manage Subscription from Setup
  • Create Shortcuts to Users’ Essential Pages
  • Org Shape for Scratch Orgs
  • colour coding and trend icons on opportunity Amount and Close Date
  • New layout for the Object Manager
  • Salesforce CMS – New options of channels: Public (use for sending content via emails etc) & Restricted channels (replaces old “other channels”) option.

Reports & Dashboards:

  • Automatically add New Fields to Custom Report Types


  • Send Custom Notifications from Apex
  • Detect Apex Runtime Context with RequestId and Quiddity
  • Shorten Your Visualforce URLs
  • Scan a Barcode in a Lightning Web Component (Beta)

More will be added..