Get Ready for Summer ’24

It’s almost time for the Summer ’24 Salesforce Release!

Three times a year, Salesforce releases new features and updates to our technology, enabling users everywhere to take advantage of the latest and greatest that our platform has to offer! As an Awesome Trailblazer, getting the benefits from these releases is made even easier by knowing the basics and best practices.

  • Sandbox preview starts on January 5  so now’s the time to read the Summer ’24 Sandbox Preview Instructions and Salesforce Sandbox Preview Guide and determine if you need to take action.   
  • The Key Dates infographic is also available in US and international date formats for you to share and/or add to your presentations.
  • Summer ’24 Google calendar and ical format for other calendars
  • Summer ’24 Key Dates Admin blog

Below are the most important dates you’ll want to mark in your calendar for Summer ’24.

Summer '24 key dates for pre release org signup, release notes, preview